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Restaurant Andreu Genestra

The restaurant Andreu Genestra is the maximum representation of this binomial association: Mediterranean product and the most sophisticated modern techniques.

Tasting Menus

We offer 2 tasting menus that blend the most traditional ingredients from Majorca, the autochtonous ingredients and the sweet aromas from places bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Every choice can be paired with our delicious desserts and our cheese cart with national handmade cheeses.

Our Tasting Menus

Bistro Senzill

This is the bistro restaurant on the terrace of the hotel pool. The restaurant Senzill shows a fresh and casual food.

Moment Senzill


Why can’t you be special at events and big celebrations? Why can’t you have a personalized character? Why can’t you show yourself to be culinarily at the peak? Having the chance of offering memories, emotions, aromas, textures…

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