Every Sunday we offer a Brunch consisting of a buffet with a wide selection of fresh and seasonal products, dishes prepared at the moment and a selection of gastronomic dishes à la carte.

To ensure the well-being of other guests, only children over 9 years of age are welcome at the Andreu Genestra restaurant.

Our online booking system allows you to check availability, make your reservation. If the restaurant is already complete on the desired date, the calendar will appear white.

Your table will be stored up to 20 minutes after the reservation time. After this time the reservation will be considered as NO SHOW and the automatic system will release its table to yield to other diners.

Important info about the menu +
Remember that, to offer you a full experience, we must know in advance if you have any allergies or intolerance that we should consider. If you don have these information for all guest,  please contact us: 

Some products that can be part of our menu are: raw fish, raw meats, seafood, oysters, poultry products such as brains or foie gras and intense flavors such as coriander or spicy products.

Please also indicate if you have any allergies, intolerance so that we can adapt.

For people who do not eat fish or raw meat, we are flexible when it comes to cooking, but for people who do not eat fish or seafood at all, it will be very difficult for us to elaborate alternatives for the type of tasting menu we offer.

So, we do not recommend this menu for those people and we offer to recommend another restaurant of our group of Andreu Genestra.