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If you want to surprise someone with something truly unique, we suggest the following:
Choose the tasting menus and the quantity of each one, according to the number of people to whom you are going to give away (it is only allowed to purchase vouchers for a maximum of 6 people). Once the payment has been made, the gift voucher will be sent to the email address of your choice.
With the gift voucher in hand, the beneficiary will only have to get in touch with us to redeem it.
140€ – 245€
Mediterranean Extrem
170€ – 290€
Mediterranean Green
140€ – 245€
Create your Mediterranean
2 choices: 100€
3 choices: 120€
Soon, we will have this section available so that you can give away a gastronomic experience.

GIFT VOUCHERS – Important note:

If you have a voucher to redeem, please contact us by phone at 971 495 833 or by e-mail at

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