Andreu Genestra

10 years of evolution.
10 years of innovation and passion for Mallorca.
10 years of Mediterranean cuisine.
We invite you to start a new decade with us.
Welcome to Mediterranean, the new concept in cuisine by Andreu Genestra.

The cuisine of Andreu Genestra is starting its second decade. It does so with a concept that is more mature, innovative, risk-taking, elegant and, more Mediterranean than ever before.  We invite you to take a stroll along the shores of the towns scattered along the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, their dishes and their flavours, with the innovative touch of modern haute cuisine.  

The Mediterranean, its cuisine, its traditions, its ways of doing things, its culture and its history will be the common thread of this new experience offered by Andreu Genestra at Hotel Zoëtry Mallorca.

Will you accompany us?

Can you see the symbol that decorates our walls and which forms part of our image?

It is an esportí, a traditional instrument which was used in Mallorca in past times to press the olives. That’s where our offer begins, at the origin.

Our staff will guide you so that you understand the roots of each dish, and so that you see the evolutionary twists and turns that we give them, while always seeking excellence in our cuisine.  

The experience begins when the diner enters the 14th century country house, which is located within the historic country estate of sa Torre in Llucmajor. Our front of house staff will welcome guests in the patio where they will be offered aperitifs. Then they will go through to the dining room where they can see how we prepare their dishes at all times.

Our objective is to provide continuity to our philosophy of sustainable cuisine, demonstrating the evolution of Mallorcan and Mediterranean gastronomy with every dish.

Our restaurant has its own market garden of over 2,500 m2 and its own vineyards. Produce is also acquired from local Mallorcan growers in accordance with Andreu Genestra’s clear  support for a circular economy and zero miles.  

Live it, feel it, enjoy it
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