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Restaurant Andreu Genestra

The restaurant Andreu Genestra is the maximum representation of this binomial association: Mediterranean product and the most sophisticated modern techniques.

Tasting Menus

We offer 2 tasting menus that blend the most traditional ingredients from Majorca, the autochtonous ingredients and the sweet aromas from places bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Every choice can be paired with our delicious desserts and our cheese cart with national handmade cheeses.

Our Tasting Menus

Bistro Senzill

This is the bistro restaurant on the terrace of the hotel pool. The restaurant Senzill shows a fresh and casual food.

Moment Senzill


Why can’t you be special at events and big celebrations? Why can’t you have a personalized character? Why can’t you show yourself to be culinarily at the peak? Having the chance of offering memories, emotions, aromas, textures…

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Restaurant & Bistro

Andreu Genestra

Awarded a Michelin star and two suns from the Repsol guide, the Andreu Genestra Restaurant is the maximum representation of this binomial association: Mediterranean Product and the most modern sofisticated culinary techniques.
Andreu Genestra offers us a leisurely stroll through the most traditional mallorquín flavors and the flavors that link us to all the spots bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. The diners can choose to eat from the menu or from one of the three tasting menus, all this can be enjoyed in a lounge dating back to the XV century, which seats only 30 diners including an exquisite lounge service. The restaurant also has an excellent wine cellar offering 700 varieties of wine and a cheese cart of national handmade cheeses which are from their own indisputable brand.
The restaurant Andreu Genestra is surrounded by 12.000 square meters of farmland; of vineyards and of olive trees with their sweet essence of Majorca. Everything is perfectly cared for to offer the diner a unique  culinary experience.


Bistro Senzill

At Senzill we can find the most informal cuisine of Andreu Genestra. Our bistro is a combination of quality both in its ambience and its products. On an open air porch we can savor dishes with fresh fish, fished by the local fishermen, seafood, shellfish, meat from the local farms, vegan dishes, special rice dishes or vegetables from our own vegetable patch.
Freshness technique and good service, profesional but at the same time informal in a unique service at the Predi Son Jaumell Rural Hotel. If you have any suggestions please feel free to make them. We can make them happen.


Here in a nice quiet natural environment is where Andreu Genestra elaborates all his work. This is the platform of his “Cuina de la Terra”.
Would you like to give a dining experience?

Andreu Genestra gives you the opportunity to choose between different menu options. We send the pack to your home or the home of the person whoever you want to make the gift.

Contact us and we will arrange it for you.

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Hotel Predí Son Jaumell.
Carretera Cala Mesquida, 1. Desvío Camino Son Moltó. 07580. Capdepera. Mallorca

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