Andreu Genestra

Cuina de la Terra

Andreu Genestra. Inca, Mallorca. September 11, 1983


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Gastronomy Suggestion

The raison d’être in our work is to provide happiness and, when time goes by, make the person associate a moment of pleasure with a dish, a dessert or an appetizer. Let yourself go…

Tasting Menus

We have two tasting menus with a choice of balanced dishes and local ingredients. With different options of wine pairing, dessert and cheese.

Our Tasting Menus

Restaurant Senzill

This is the bistro restaurant on the terrace of the hotel pool. The restaurant Senzill shows a fresh and casual food.



Why can’t you be special at events and big celebrations? Why can’t you have a personalized character? Why can’t you show yourself to be culinarily at the peak? Having the chance of offering memories, emotions, aromas, textures…



Restaurant & Senzill

The Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the middle of a land where our philosophy has given it a raison d’être. Cultivating a garden of 6,000 square metres allows us to supply ourselves with Mediterranean vegetables. We follow their growth daily and bring them to the kitchen when they offer their best taste.



In a protected area of Mallorca, Andreu Genestra team pays tribute to the popular cooking and especially to the proximity of malllorcan product. The restaurant Senzill shows a fresh and casual food, open to the people who wants to enjoy at the pool terrace a paella, grill meat and fish dishes, Iberic ham, or a tasting menu.


We want our guests to enjoy in an excellent environment, to have sensations they have never had before when savouring our dishes, to follow their senses and to feel the same pleasure at the table as the one we have in the kitchen.
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Andreu Genestra gives you the opportunity to choose between different menu options. We send the pack to your home or the home of the person whoever you want to make the gift.

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